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Operational Air Traffic Controller Services

RVA provides Air Traffic Controllers to operate airport traffic control towers and other air traffic facilities. With a cadre of senior ATC employees, many of whom are former FAA controllers with extensive experience in the Headquarters and Regional offices, RVA is ready to provide expertise in the development of system requirements, acquisition, testing and fielding of ATC equipment and ATC procedure development. Our ATC managers understand air traffic needs and will work to define a solution that precisely meets individual facility needs. We have highly qualified staff personnel available to support the implementation of all requirements and operations of Airport Traffic Control Towers and other ATC facilities.


Air Traffic Control Tower Operation

Employing over 500 Air Traffic Controllers, RVA currently provides the Air Traffic Controllers and management personnel needed to operate 93 Airport Traffic Control Towers. From time to time new towers are added to the contract by FAA. During the transition of a tower into the program, RVA considers traffic trends, environmental conditions, and operational complexities at the airport and develops staffing plans and schedules to meet peak traffic demands, while ensuring efficiency and safety. ATC operations are conducted in accordance with the regulations and procedures issued and used by the FAA. In addition, we have an ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality Assurance Program that has produced exceptional results on FAA quality assurance evaluations through their Facility Safety Assessment System (FSAS) audit and outstanding customer satisfaction reports.


Ramp Tower Services

thumbnail.jpgThe most recent addition to RVA's professional aviation services is Ramp Tower Management and Operations. Building on their experience in air traffic control and aviation, the Ramp Tower specialists provide air traffic management in the airport non-movement areas. Each airport is unique and the services are tailored accordingly to include the utilization of the airport resource management system (RMS), which provides gate management and other services. Standard services include traffic sequencing, separation and pushback. The airports enjoy enhanced ground movement safety, better optimization of ramp space and a more structured operating environment. The airlines benefit through reduced risk by operating in a safer environment and more predictable on and off gate times. Professional Ramp tower Services are a win/win for the airports and airlines.


Air Traffic Control (ATC) Instructional Services

RVA has extensive experience in providing air traffic control (ATC) training. These services can range from a short class on procedures to establishing and administering a full-up ATC Training Curriculum. Our senior ATC personnel have extensive experience in developing training materials and providing instruction in both the ATC facility and academic environments and in individual and team training. RVA can provide training development, presentation and testing that includes the air route traffic control center (ARTCC), terminal radar approach (TRACON), new ATC systems or requirements, annual training program requirements, and training for Air Traffic Controllers and airport traffic control tower management and operation. We specialize in developing custom programs that will meet specific ATC training needs. We provide instruction and training on current simulation and training systems such as AT Coach, Standard Terminal Arrival Radar System (STARS), Dynamic Simulation (DYSIM) and the Enhanced Target Generator (ETG). We also specialize in staff augmentation for your ATC facilities to add needed expertise, stability and standardization to your program.


Airport Traffic Area Studies and Analyses

Obstruction evaluation, feasibility studies for procedures, evaluation of construction projects on airports, traffic pattern development and environmental studies are a few of the areas where the RVA staff can provide expertise. Our personnel are FAA trained in airspace management, terminal instrument procedure development, and obstruction evaluation. Among the services that can be provided are evaluation of the effects of the navigable airspace, electromagnetic radiation effects of air navigation facilities, aircraft noise potential, and noise abatement procedure considerations, proximity of other airports, restricted airspace infringement potential, line of sight view of all runways, taxiways and traffic patterns from the control tower and the effects on approach lighting systems.


Airspace Studies and Analysis

Our senior staff has extensive experience in airspace studies and analysis. Desktop analyses and simulation developed in close coordination with all affected parties can be used to improve traffic flow and enhance safety. We can apply the expert knowledge and expertise needed for the development of terminal instrument approach procedures up to and including the design of an entire airspace structure.


ATC Procedures Development

Our RVA staff has a thorough knowledge of FAA ATC procedures from experience gained over years of FAA service. We examine the requirements, analyze the restrictions and safety issues, and recommend the best possible solutions. We have the knowledge and experience to design configurations and procedures for maximum airspace utilization. In the development of procedures, we consider airport and runway acceptance rates, runway/taxiway improvement recommendations, predominate aircraft type, primary airport users, available navigational aids, environmental impact, special use airspace, terrain restrictions, manmade obstructions, navigational aid restrictions, aircraft noise potential, and noise abatement procedure considerations. We have the skills to engage focus groups and incorporate ideas and cooperation into the implementation of the final product.


Controller Workforce Augmentation

RVA can augment and improve efficiencies in training and certification of new or replacement personnel. We have qualified personnel to work as specialists in airspace and procedures, plans and programs, quality assurance, military operations and administration. This assistance can provide benefits to organizations by greatly increasing the effectiveness of facility programs.


Weather Observation Services

Weather observation is required at approximately 95% of the contract airport traffic control towers which are operated by RVA. Services are also provided under individual weather observation contracts with states or localities. Our weather observers are trained and certified in accordance with FAA Order 7900.5, Surface Weather Observing - METAR, the appropriate sections of the Federal Meteorological Handbook, FMH-9, and the Aviation Weather Observation Handbook. RVA can provide training for personnel and/or augment staffing to provide weather observation services.

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