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Cost Effective Security Requires A Tailored Solution.

RVA's Security Division corporate experience dates back to the late 1980's with extensive international experience in providing aviation security consulting and services and also includes extensive General Aviation (GA) security experience at smaller airports.

RVA provides a full range of security services; including assessments and evaluations, targeted training programs, equipment installation, construction, portable tactical firing ranges, green ammunition, planning assistance, and security/crisis management exercises. RVA's security specialists are drawn from diverse backgrounds and experiences in Military Special Operations, Federal, State and Local Police, the Department of Transportation, the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Department of Justice, and includes highly-trained and experienced personnel from allied nations. RVA specializes in cost-effective risk-based security solutions, tailored to the threat, location, available assets, and specific needs of your facility.

Domestic Aviation Security - RVA's GA experience includes audits, inspections and assistance in security planning for airports ranging from small local service facilities to reliever airports with operation counts comparable to many commercial service facilities. Our primary focus has always been on performing studies, assessments, inspections, and the training necessary to establish the baselines of current security postures and the steps required to ensure a maximum ability to meet current and future security threats. RVA specializes in assisting the Airport Manager in preparing Airport Security Plans and Crisis/Contingency Plans. RVA recently completed a contract under the Commonwealth of Virginia's General Aviation Security Pilot Program to provide security audits, Aviation Security Plans and templates (ASPs), self-paced security audit checklists, and security manuals for 58 General Aviation Airports. RVA was also tasked with providing security training to the 58 airport managers and their staff. In addition to the 58 Virginia airports, RVA's Security Division provided similar services to a number of airports in Florida, Texas, Marlyland, Ohio, New York, and Oklahoma. Full details of RVA's experience in providing services to these and other General Aviation Airports are available.

International Aviation Security - Personnel from the Security Division designed, developed and managed the Advanced Civil Aviation Security and the Airport Police Management Courses for the U.S. State Department's Antiterrorism Assistance Program. The Antiterrorism Assistance Program was presented to officials of 83�countries. RVA was also selected as the contractor for the Republic of Uzbekistan's Civil Aviation Security Improvement Program and performed full-scale security audits of five international airports and formulated security improvement plans that will be implemented in the near future.

Explosives Mitigation, Bomb & IED Render-Safe, Post-Blast Investigation - RVA's Security Director began his explosives experience by cross-training as a demolitionist with U.S. Army Special Forces. He worked extensively with bombs, explosives, booby-traps, and improvised explosives and incendiaries - of both U.S. and foreign origins. Later, as part of the U.S. State Department's Antiterrorism Assistance Program, he helped develop and presented numerous classes on the skills and knowledge needed to render Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) safe. RVA also calls on ATF, FBI, state and local EOD units, military EOD personnel, military Special Operations Personnel, and even resources from such recognized experts in the field as the UXB specialists from Scotland Yard and the British military to supplement our capabilities. An example of the depth of the knowledge and experience available is that one of our consultants was the primary post-blast investigator for Scotland Yard and dealt with every bombing incident initiated by the PIRA in England from 1975 to 1995, the most active period of bombings. RVA has blast assessment and mitigation experts who have provided designs for hardened critical facilities in high-risk areas throughout the world.

High-Risk Installation Security - RVA approaches each high-risk installation as a special security situation. The problems associated with petroleum production, transportation and refining are entirely different than those experienced by electrical power generation and transportation, yet each is particularly vulnerable to disruption. Our approach is to use teams that have the interdisciplinary knowledge and experience with the specific installations or systems being considered and with security experts whose expertise lies in evaluation, planning, training, and crisis management. RVA designs and installs security systems/programs that are unique, not only to the installation, but to the industry itself. RVA also has employees or consultants who are experts in water treatment, petro-chemical / transportation, railways, bridges, tunnels, mass transit, offices, industrial facilities, entertainment facilities, and large consumer complexes.

Maritime Security - RVA employees/consultants have provided maritime security planning and training to officials and operators of facilities ranging from small cargo-only ports to massive installations where cargo and cruise line operations are intermixed, and to the cruise lines and cargo ships themselves. Our maritime security experts include international loss prevention experts, retired ATF and Customs personnel, and Special Operations personnel drawn from such diverse agencies as the U. S. Coast Guard, British SAS, the U.S. Army Special Forces, U.S. Navy SEALs, and state, local and federal law enforcement agencies.

Operations and Contingency Planning - RVA employees and consultants have significant experience in providing strategic and tactical planning for security and technical organizations. We believe that the better the plan and the comprehensiveness of the exercises conducted to test the plan, the better the response will be when an actual incident occurs. Our planning specialists have assisted officials of General Aviation airports with writing security and crisis/contingency plans for their specific installations, with designing plans for schools and other educational institutions on how to deal with active shooter situations, by preparing bomb threat management and bomb search procedures, and with the design of emergency operations exercises from table-top administrative exercises to full-scale facility-wide events.

Police, Military and Armed Security Officer Training - RVA acquired the Tallgrass Center for Advanced Tactical Training (TCATT), to gain the extensive expertise and knowledge of the TCATT personnel, who specialize in training those who in the performance of their daily duty could be required to use lethal force. TCATT was founded by a former Special Operations operative, based on his long years of experience as a first responder for the military and law enforcement agencies. He believes that first responders will most likely to be the target or be required to use lethal force and that they need extensive training and preparation in order to be successful in handling these incidents. TCATT has trained hundreds of street and undercover cops, patrolmen, deputies, military security personnel, and armed security guards. TCATT training has been cited numerous times as instrumental in resolving lethal force incidents or potential lethal force incidents with no injury to the officer, or the perpetrator. TCATT also trained the Judicial Police of the Republic of Colombia, the special security force of a highly-classified U.S. Government installation, and security personnel and administrators for schools, businesses and local government units.

Security Surveys and Systems Design - RVA conducts security surveys and formulates risk and threat assessment for installations and facilities of all sizes, type, and security situation. Our employees and consultants have performed these services for the Governments of Colombia and Lebanon, corporate clients in various foreign locations, aviation and maritime facilities throughout the world, and U.S. installations ranging from highly-critical federal government facilities to local schools and businesses. The results of the studies and assessments are used to design security systems that include the entire lifecycle; from planning, to equipment procurement, installation, operator training and testing; facility hardening through barriers, fences, restricted zones; identification badges and surveillance, and training organization personnel, from managers to line operators. A testament to the effectiveness of these surveys, assessments, and training came from the commander of DAS (the Colombian equivalent of the FBI and CIA combined). The commander stated the explosives assault on the DAS headquarters in Bogot and the resulting massive loss of life and hundreds of injuries would not have been possible had the recommendations of the TCAAT survey team been implemented immediately upon receipt.

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